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Welcome to Covington Casket

Welcome to Covington Casket.We manufacture custom, world-class caskets and artistic and pictorial Storyboards that help you tell your loved one's story in a memorable, personal way. We serve more than 280 funeral homes in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. While we only sell to funeral homes, you have the right to the casket of your choice, so we hope you will ask for us and insist on a Covington Casket. We're a family-owned business that's been serving families like yours since 1924.

Our employees make the difference. So while it seems a nice thing to say, it is true for us, and we can't stress it strongly enough. 

Selecting a casket is part of the ultimate tribute to your loved one; our employees know that.

In addition, Covington Casket is family-owned – an investor-owned corporation does not drive us, and we surely don't build caskets in China.

Real hometown people, who have experienced profound loss personally, receive an order for your custom casket and begin to assemble it piece by piece.

You can select every part of your custom casket – from paint color to interior cloth, from handles to hardware. Working with your funeral director, we want to help you masterfully tell your loved one's story.

We know selecting a casket is an overwhelming process. So we have created this website for you to make decisions in the comfort of your home. When you contact your funeral home, ask for a Covington Casket. It's your choice what casket to purchase and from whom.

We hope you'll ask for us and insist on a Covington Casket.

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